Upcoming meetings

We have fortnightly meetings in Glasgow, UK, and fortnightly online meetings.

For detailed information about the meetings and our group, see our About page.

Meetings in Glasgow

Friday 5 April 2019
Friday 19 April 2019
Friday 3 May 2019
Friday 17 May 2019
Friday 31 May 2019
Friday 14 June 2019
Friday 28 June 2019
Friday 12 July 2019
Friday 26 July 2019
Friday 9 August 2019
Friday 23 August 2019
…and roughly every fortnightly Friday thereafter

Meetings are at Category Is Books, 34 Allison Street, Glasgow, G42 8NN, UK

Meeting times are 6:15–7:45pm (unless otherwise noted), when we have exclusive use of the space.

You can arrive and leave at any time throughout the meeting. The meetings are level access (no steps), and there is currently no working bathroom. We have exclusive use of the space. There is no need to RSVP; just come when you’re ready. 

We have a travel fund! If you need your travel costs covered for any reason (including taxis for anyone unable to safely use public transit), please get in touch and we will cover as much as we can.

Meetings online

Tuesday 9 April 2019
Tuesday 23 April 2019
Tuesday 7 May 2019
Tuesday 21 May 2019
Tuesday 4 June 2019
Tuesday 18 June 2019
Tuesday 2 July 2019
Tuesday 16 July 2019
Tuesday 30 July 2019
Tuesday 13 August 2019
Tuesday 27 August 2019
… and roughly every fortnightly Tuesday thereafter

All our meetings are from 7:00–8:30pm BST/GMT (London, UK time).

Chats are via hack.chat. You can arrive and leave at any time throughout the meeting.

Contact us for the secret link, which changes every meeting. Once you contact us for one link, we’ll automatically send you links to upcoming chats unless you ask us not to.